About Us

Ideation Worldwide is founded by a team of young professionals and top-notch university students, who share a real passion for helping non-profits make profound and sustainable social impact via solving long-standing international development challenges.

We are systematic thinkers and creative practicers, who recognize the need for new integrated ways of turning ideas into action. We understand that policy changes and welfare model cannot provide the ultimate solutions to the most pressing problems around the world. With experience from design thinking, lean startup, rights-based approach, and modern management practice inspires us a new path forward in today digitalized and rapidly-changing world.

We are young architects, policy makers, social workers, and economists – who are determined to change the perception of international development and non-profits with multi-disciplinary high-performance social innovation. We believe that, in order to eradicate poverty, disease, and human rights abuse from the world, our generation must bring in fresh information, respectful perspective and engage with people in fields. In that way, we can drive the positive changes in this world.