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Ideation Lab formulates innovative solutions for the social sector through systematic thinking, user-centered problem solving, and rapid iterations. Our process incorporates an understanding of the unique challenges nonprofits face and the complex socioeconomic landscape in which developmental projects must maneuver.

We develop, prototype, and scale novel projects for the purpose of effectively aligning people with ideas and resources to better address the world’s most pressing problems. No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your idea, we can help identify opportunities, experiment with innovative alternatives, and transfer knowledge to scale your impact to the next level.


Systematic Thinking

Nonprofits tackle the most pressing and complex challenges in the world. These challenges usually involve numerous stakeholders, inadequate resources, and the lack of information. It is difficult to spark a change for the better without clearly understanding the status quo. With our systematic analysis, Ideation Lab can help you: deconstruct intricate social relations; clarify your long-term goal with short-term milestones; and examine matters from a holistic perspective when evaluating ideas and making decisions.

Our favorite methods  FAQs  |  Blueprint  |  Affinity Diagram  |  Lean Canvas


User-Centered Problem Solving

Nonprofits are usually operated by small teams of dedicated individuals. As it is easy for them to be consumed by peripheral activities such as fundraising and marketing, it is difficult to wholly pursue the core causes of an organization. With user-centered problem solving, Ideation Lab can help you: target real and crucial challenges faced by people around the world through co-creation; evaluate ideas based on facts and extensive research; test your project ideas in a real environment.

Our favorite methods  Persona  |  Cultural Probe  |  User Journey  |  Design Sprint

Rapid Iterations

Nonprofits are often expected to make an impact with their limited resources. Constrained by their limited manpower and material resources, nonprofits need to hedge against potential risks and losses during their operations. With rapid iterations, Ideation Lab can help you: manage the innovation process from a holistic and creative perspective; establish a proof of concept or a minimum viable product to verify your ideas before a large investment; lower risk through developing solutions with an iterative process.

Our favorite methods  Pilot Programs  |  Rapid Prototyping  |  User Interviews  |  Agile Management



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Who we've worked with


Kenya Informal Sector Teacher Training

Millions of childrenare taught by unqualified teachers. In response, we designed a mobile ed-tech platform to streamline teacher training and financial management in informal schools.

Refugee Marketplace Competition

In light of the recent global refugee crisis, we hosted an interdisciplinary competition to engage more architects, policy makers, and social workers in an innovative discourse on refugee livelihoods.

Leftover Food Rescue Along Your Way

 Rescuing Leftover Cuisine needs more volunteers and rescued leftover food. To enhance its operations, we built a mobile platform that allows people in transit to help deliver unsold food.

Kakuma Hands-On Learning Center

To expand the youth entrepreneurship training  program offered by Solidarity and Advocacy in Crisis (SAVIC), we constructed a new learning center and designed a new hands-on curriculum for SAVIC.